Why CRI Hub?

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We are at a pivotal moment of crisis.

Amidst so many tremors in the democratic fault lines—our flailing neoliberal management, the rise of populism and protest, the permeation of social media into our every waking moment. . .

. . .as well as the specter of terrorism sparring with the desire for pluralism, our awakening to privilege and our sins of racism and heteropatriarchy, the universalization of debt, and the assault on education—we seek alternatives.

What we are seeing in the early 21st century is not unlike the cultural shocks and reverberating aftershocks of the 1960s; today the protest term “resistance” is empowering as it is meandering, mutable as it is noble, and it is ultimately ripe with both potential and stagnation.

We are pursuing alternatives, but if our cause is not to return empty, we seek to engage the scholar and the protester, the artist and the laborer, and, in short, all who ask: why shouldn’t we change our situation?

Our project is for the open public, and we aim not to simply raise awareness but to energize consciousness.

CRI Hub engages the public through a variety of events, workshops, lectures, courses, and debates. Our goal is to enhance critical thinking, propose viable alternatives, and to mobilize artists.

We seek to charge ourselves and our community with the profound responsibilities presented us at this crucial moment of crisis in American history.

As battle lines between revanchist reaction and coordinated insurrection become louder every day, we see the risk for confirmation biases and pseudo-revolutionary idealism

We seek to change that, and through creativity, reading, dialogue, and debate, we intend to catalyze public consciousness.

Tad DeLay received his PhD in philosophy of religion from the Claremont Graduate University. He holds master’s degrees in both philosophy and theology, and he is the author of God Is Unconscious: Psychoanalysis & Theology (Wipf & Stock, 2015).