“Crisis Cafe” Is Coming In August

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If you’ve been to either of our first two “critical community conversations” you’ve heard quite a bit about “critical theory.” But just what does that term mean, exactly?

Perhaps you’d like to further pursue your curiosity by participating in a serious reading group–one that will explore key critical theory texts and “big ideas” that directly affect our contemporary lives. If so, please join us in August for the first of our monthly reading cohorts, which we’re calling the “Crisis Cafe.”

With the launch of the Crisis Cafe, we’re hoping to promote the “cafe culture” that’s so easily lost in digital America: face-to-face encounters in real–not virtual–space. We’ll meet at a local cafe, where we’ll talk, listen, and learn together over a cup of coffee or a cold brew.

Be sure to watch this space for details about date and location. But in the meantime, you may want to take a look at our first Crisis Cafe reading: a critical theory founding text by Max Horkheimer.

Here’s one of many links to the essay in PDF format or to pursue reading the entire collection of Horkheimer articles.

See you in Denver in August!

The Arts In Action – Making Music, Painting, And Poetry A Force Of Change Once More

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Vienna, Austria 

Friday, June 30

7:00-10:00 pm

Donauhof, Engerthstraße 141, 1020 Wien




In the 1950s, American art critic Harold Rosenberg wrote that “art must have the will to change the world”—and discerned that very passion and drive in postwar avant-garde movements in painting, poetry, and music.

In our commercial age, art has increasingly degenerated into a global commodity rather than an agent of genuine change. So how do we revive the arts as radical, boundary-breaking, world-transforming forms of creative engagement Rosenberg envisioned more than half a century ago?

Come join us for an evening of performance, encounter, and conversation with both Austrian and American painters, poets, and musicians in our quest to create something radically new in the tradition of Rosenberg’s “actional” art.  How does art inform social and political action, and vice-versa?

The event is a benefit for the Donauhhof Coffee House/ Event and Co-Working Space in Vienna’s Second District.

Kickoff CRI Event Has Packed House

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The kickoff event for CRI (entitled “Something’s Happening Here: The Summer of Love and the Birth of the Counterculture”) at the Deer Pile in Denver yesterday afternoon was awesome. The room was full, and we had almost three hours of lively, focused, energizing, and at times brilliant conversation about the meaning of the Sixties both for historians and for those of us today. As the old saying goes, “a good time was had by all.”

A variety of perspectives were offered by different contemporary observers and veterans of the Sixties, including writer and publisher Josiah Hess, Sixties cultural historian Roger Green, Denver photographer Richard Peterson, and University of Denver professors Christina Foust and Carl Raschke as well as Colorado college instructor Jan Briel.

Join us for our next event on May 20 at the Lighthouse in Denver (http://crisis-cafe.com/the-midrashic-unconscious-unearthin…/). You don’t want to miss it!