The Arts In Action – Making Music, Painting, And Poetry A Force Of Change Once More

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Vienna, Austria 

Friday, June 30

7:00-10:00 pm

Donauhof, Engerthstraße 141, 1020 Wien




In the 1950s, American art critic Harold Rosenberg wrote that “art must have the will to change the world”—and discerned that very passion and drive in postwar avant-garde movements in painting, poetry, and music.

In our commercial age, art has increasingly degenerated into a global commodity rather than an agent of genuine change. So how do we revive the arts as radical, boundary-breaking, world-transforming forms of creative engagement Rosenberg envisioned more than half a century ago?

Come join us for an evening of performance, encounter, and conversation with both Austrian and American painters, poets, and musicians in our quest to create something radically new in the tradition of Rosenberg’s “actional” art.  How does art inform social and political action, and vice-versa?

The event is a benefit for the Donauhhof Coffee House/ Event and Co-Working Space in Vienna’s Second District.

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