Taking Back Literature – Can Authors, Publishers, and Booksellers Mobilize Against the Corporatocracy’s Hostile Takeover of the Industry?

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Denver, Colorado

Sunday, July 23

7-9:30 p.m.

The Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop

Lighthouse Writers Workshop, 1515 Race St. Denver, CO 80206

Donations appreciated.


With novelist Nick Arvin, nonfiction author Tad DeLay, poet and Counterpath publisher Julie Carr, Conundrum Press publisher Caleb Seeling, and BookBar owner Nicole Sullivan

We are all writers now. Whether through traditional industry publishing or self-publishing, in print or online, we can push new ideas and literature to interested readers. Unfortunately, the current situation is dire for authors, publishers, and booksellers; the reading public suffers along with them.

Though over a million new books are published each year, only one percent land in a brick-and-mortar bookstore. Eighty percent of books sell less than one hundred copies per year. A book can reach the New York Times bestseller list without earning enough in royalties to push the author above the poverty line. Amazon promised and delivered unprecedented global access to audiences while independent bookstores and booksellers suffered the consequences, and one in four Americans read no books at all.

What happens when the public only searches online for a precise book and never again accidentally stumbles upon a surprising gem while perusing the shelves? How can we work together when algorithms direct us to our next purchase? How do authors feel when the quality of their work bears no relation to whether they earn a living wage?

With a panel representing authors, independent publishers, and booksellers, we invite you to join us in a conversation on collaboration in this pivotal moment in print culture.

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