Divinatory Esthetics – Critically Engaging Denver Poets Through Music

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When?  Thursday, March 22, 2018 6:30-8:30

Where? BookBar, 4280 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212, 303-284-0194

BookBar “is a bookshop for wine lovers. A wine bar for book shoppers. And a fabulous cafe, too”.
Sponsored by Cri Hub.  Admission free and open to the public.  Map.

Metropolitan State University professor and well-known musician and composer Roger Green will attempt to identify a rehabilitated notion of literature by addressing a recent trend among Denver writers dealing with “divination”.  He will specifically use examples of his work using musical performance and composition to accompany multiple writers: Laird Hunt, Selah Saterstrom, Eleni Sikelianos, and Anne Waldman, all of whom are associated both with Denver and the independent Minneapolis based publisher, Coffeehouse Press. Intentionally blurring any unnecessary binary between “artist” and “critic”, Roger argues that these writers have been pointing to more nuanced interpretations of divination that are useful to contemporary writing, literary theory and philosophy.

The following sound tracks are examples of Roger listening to/accompanying Denver poets:

You can also hear Roger & musicians “getting in tune” with each other as listeners: https://rogergreen.bandcamp.com/album/peril
Various books by Coffeehouse Press will be available for purchase.

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