“Crisis Cafe” Is Coming In August

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If you’ve been to either of our first two “critical community conversations” you’ve heard quite a bit about “critical theory.” But just what does that term mean, exactly?

Perhaps you’d like to further pursue your curiosity by participating in a serious reading group–one that will explore key critical theory texts and “big ideas” that directly affect our contemporary lives. If so, please join us in August for the first of our monthly reading cohorts, which we’re calling the “Crisis Cafe.”

With the launch of the Crisis Cafe, we’re hoping to promote the “cafe culture” that’s so easily lost in digital America: face-to-face encounters in real–not virtual–space. We’ll meet at a local cafe, where we’ll talk, listen, and learn together over a cup of coffee or a cold brew.

Be sure to watch this space for details about date and location. But in the meantime, you may want to take a look at our first Crisis Cafe reading: a critical theory founding text by Max Horkheimer.

Here’s one of many links to the essay in PDF format or to pursue reading the entire collection of Horkheimer articles.

See you in Denver in August!